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BECOME a Sheryl Walker trained an Inspired: NO FEAR Millionaire with OUR $$100 BILLION DOLLAR$$ SWEAT EQUITY STIMULUS PACKAGE and HELP PRESIDENT OBAMA REBUILD AMERICA and the WORLD'S ECONOMY and MENTAL WEALTH. As of March 06, 2009, Sheryl has increased her Sweat Equity pledge to $100 Billion dollars worth of NO FEAR Millionaire MENTAL WEALTH Boot Camp Training Programs. Sheryl Walker will train 10 Million new Sheryl Walker Inspired: NO FEAR Millionaires to help President Obama rebuild America and the World's MENTAL and FINANCIAL WEALTH. Sheryl Walker's $100 Billion Dollar Sweat Equity pledge (gift) is valued at $10,000 per recipient. Sheryl Walker (With her trained an qualified associates) will train participants to become Sheryl Walker Inspired: NO FEAR Millionaires, and live the NO FEAR Millionaire Life Style, while earning (the goal is at least one million dollars in 12 months or less). READ, "THE HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE" an E-BOOK Coming soon!!! Learn how you can become MENTALLY WEALTHY NOW!!!

This 100 Billion Dollar Sweat Equity stimulus package is designed to help the auto industry (By purchasing the cars, through our connect the dots program), the housing industry/Banking industry (through our Foreclosure prevention program and our After the fact program), all participates who successfully complete and comply with this opportunity will earn money through our income producing, community building program. This will stimulate our economy through our partnership to grow local businesses program.

FEAR is out of control in our World, and uncontrolled fear leads otherwise wonderful people into severe self destruction and bad life decision making. We need America healthy, wealthy, and wise (INTEGRITY). We accomplish this mission by changing our current American, make alot of money at any cost mindset (lack of Integrity mindset), that led to our financial disaster into an inclusive America, with the highest level of Integrity, a paradigm shift that is built on a solid foundation of integrity and fairness to all.

Take advantage of our life enhancing opportunity and Take control of FEAR, before FEAR takes control of you. BECOME a Sheryl Walker Inspired: NO FEAR Millionaire and Be an active part of the solution: LEARN, EARN, AND GROW. INTERESTED. SEND AN EMAIL OF INTEREST FOR MORE INFORMATION. This is a sincere attempt to create One America, true leaders that guide, aid, and work fair with the World like team players working together for the common goal of obtaining unity, prosperity and peace.
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SHERYL: NO FEAR Millionaire Life Style Living is the answer to rebuilding our Worlds economy with integrity and fairness.
Because OPRAH Inspired: NO FEAR Millionaires Mental Wealth is the universal building block, OPRAH Inspired: NO FEAR Millionaire Life Style Living supports all of our mentally wealthy OPRAH Inspired: NO FEAR Millionaire Internet bretheren. So, here is a list of links to other web sites, like: and, which we feel are worthy of your visitation.
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